William Gheen launches new organization American Defense Network

The American Defense Network (ADnet) has been in the planning phase for two years now and is about to become a reality with the launch of the new organization’s website at www.American-Defense.net

The first objectives will be to make sure the new site works well and to begin organizing Americans as donors, volunteers, and e-mail alert recipients supporting ADnet. We will need to raise immediate funds for our launch to cover the expenses of this website, our e-mail distribution, letterhead and envelopes, our tax status application fee ($800), phone line, and other costs associated with creating a new and influential national organization…



William Gheen fights to stop DACA Amnesty under Trump

William Gheen can be heard in this past broadcast and video fighting against Alan Colmes, Barack Obama, and illegal immigration on national Fox News radio. (View / Listen)

But more recently you can read what William Gheen has to say against DACA Amnesty in Lifezette (Here) and William Gheen’s comments in World Net Daily (Here) in March of 2017.

Bill Gheen has launched a new outreach program to organize Americans that are willing to fight for America’s Constitution and existing immigration laws even if it means taking on Donald Trump.

William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said Trump is undermining his message to sanctuary jurisdictions by failing to honor his campaign promise to revoke his predecessor’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program granting work permits to illegal immigrants brought to America as children. His group has pledged to rescind its endorsement of Trump if the president does not revoke the program by April 17.

“Right now, a lot of illegal immigrants do not believe they are gong to have to leave the country,” Gheen said. “As long as DACA’s there, it sends a mixed message.”

“We don’t just have amnesty cities. Now we have an amnesty nation. And the amnesty orders are no longer Barack Obama’s amnesty orders; they’re Donald Trump’s amnesty orders,” William Gheen said.

William Gheen plans to launch a new wave of talk radio show appearances across America to rally and organize Americans against illegal immigration and amnesty.

These new battles present themselves in 2017 as the dynamics in Washington have changed with Obama’s departure and the rise of Donald Trump’s form of populism.

William Gheen demands Donald Trump end DACA Amnesty without Replacement

A scholar and an accused killer: A tale of two Dreamers

– The Washington Times – Thursday, March 9, 2017

One is a popular student at a local university, the poster boy — literally — for the Golden Door Scholars program. The other stands accused of beheading his mother this week, in a grisly crime that has captured attention around the globe.

Both of them are young illegal immigrants in North Carolina who became Dreamers under President Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty.


“We’ve got Third World problems of decapitation and heads lying in yards here near my home in North Carolina. It’s ridiculous, and it never should have happened,” said William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee. “Donald Trump promised there would be border and other immigration law enforcement.”


Mr. William Gheen says far from low priorities, he would put DACA recipients “near the front row for deportation, with the other violent criminals.” He said the Dreamers became a powerful political weapon in the hands of Mr. Obama.

“They’re trying to use the Joses and this video to overthrow the entire system of government in the United States by turning more than 10 million illegal immigrants into Democratic voters,” he said. “Our focus needs to be on the thousands of Americans that are losing their lives each year to illegal immigrant crimes.”


Mr. William Gheen, though, warned Mr. Trump to speedily make good on his promise to revoke DACA.

“It has now become Donald Trump’s DACA amnesty,” he said. “Every minute that exists, I don’t live in a constitutionally governed America.”


William Gheen: The Strength to Let Go

One of the things I have learned over the years, through many painful lessons in life, is that many times it takes more strength and courage to let go of something or someone than it does to hold on.

With the amount of interpersonal relationship chaos to be found in the glow of a dying and imploding empire, my heart has often felt like a hotel parking lot!

So many additional emotional perils exist in an instant gratification disposable society where too many people have abandoned God and now treat other people like they treat their products.

Time and time again, I’ve watched people close to me turn triumph into failure and creation into destruction due to their inability to place love and loyalty ahead of their most recent impulses.  Impulse control is something that is less prevalent in America as our traditional values and ethics become submerged by multiculturalism, liberalism, and product mass marketing aimed at children all of which teach and condition our citizens not to resist impulses.

Those that sell us soft drinks and foods loaded with lethal amounts of fats and sugars do not want Americans to ‘discriminate’ between healthy and unhealthy foods or between shit and Shinola!  Multiculturalists do not want us to discriminate between Christianity and the authoritarian doctrines of Islam nor between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.  Liberals do not want us to consider differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals, nor between the disparity of crime trends between blacks, whites, Asians, and Hispanics.

They all strive to indoctrinate Americans to not make decisions for themselves and not to practice impulse control or resistance to differences between people, cultures, and politics.

Now, our movies and commercials and music are all steeped in the same toxic political dogma and the impact on people may not be overt, but is certainly powerful.

William Gheen


William Gheen’s launching a new illegal immigration and illegal immigrants issue website

Illegal immigration fighting friends,

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a premium new domain to use in the fight against illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and any form of amnesty for illegals.

The new site is now under construction at http://www.illegalimmigration.com

It will eventually allow you to add comments and content to the site and be accessed by a lot of people.

Right now, we need your help to get our new site off the ground and you can help by forwarding this message and posting this message with active links across the web.

Please place an active link to www.illegalimmigration.com on any website or blog you control.

If you do not control any websites to help us build links, please post links to http://www.illegalimmigration.com on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or you can post links back to www.illegalimmigration.com in comments you make on forums or beneath news articles.

Each link out on the web pointing back at our new site will help us to rise on the search engines and inform more people about the news, facts, activism, report procedures, and problems associated with illegal immigration and illegal immigrants.

The new Illegal Immigration website will also contain information about Obama and illegal immigration, immigration reform, legal immigration, illegal immigration news, the Dream Act amnesty, driver licenses for illegal immigrants, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and much more!

If everyone reading this request by email and social media, or at www.ALIPAC.us will take a few minutes to post at least one, hopefully more, links on the web to www.illegalimmigration.com you can help us get our new website tool to fight against illegal immigration off to a strong start!

Thank you for the help!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team