A Tribute to My Friend Randy Dye from Chatham County, North Carolina

By William Gheen

April 21, 2012

Randy Dye of NC

“Randy Dye speaks at a Tea Party rally in Raleigh NC in 2011”

For my first post to my new blog, I want to write a short note in tribute to my friend and fellow Tea Party and illegal immigration fighting activist Randy Dye.

I met Randy Dye a few years ago when a bunch of liberal illegal alien invasion supporting county commissioners in Chatham County, North Carolina, tried to make their county the first ‘Sanctuary County’ for illegal aliens in North Carolina.

In short, the local Democrats wanted illegal immigrants to be able to commit crimes for bad checks, dealing drugs to American children, driving drunk, killing, raping, etc., without having to worry about being deported back to their home nations. Of course, I and about 80 plus percent of normal American citizens objected to this and thus the battle of Chatham County began!

Eventually, the Americans overthrew the traitors on the Chatham County Commission after a very bitter fight involving a local Internet forum and the liberal Mayor of Pittsboro, NC, Randolph Voller.

While the illegal alien criminal supporter Mayor Randolph Voller remains in office due to the large enclave of far left liberals in his town, the county commissioners who tried to help illegal aliens commit crimes against US citizens without deportation were all thrown out of office in the elections and their sanctuary resolution has been overturned. In fact, Chatham County is now in the Secure Communities Program, which allows local police to deport illegal aliens caught committing crimes.

I ran into Randy yesterday on April 20, 2012 at a large rally on the Halifax Mall outside of the NC General Assembly. Thousands of Christians had gathered to support the traditional marriage amendment that is on the primary ballot this year. Early voting started Friday and concludes on primary election day May 8 2012. If the Support Marriage amendment, dubbed ‘Amendment One” by the gay political groups and Obama campaign groups fighting to defeat it, passes then the North Carolina Constitution will be amended to define marriage as being the union of one man and one woman.

I wanted to show my support for this amendment because every other state in the South has one of these amendments and it is needed to protect traditional marriage from being corrupted by liberal activist judges who are eager to broaden the definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. I support this amendment for many reasons as do a majority of North Carolina citizens, but I was particularly upset by the recent vandalism of churches and destruction of signs and billboards being committed by gay marriage supporting activists.

Well, I spotted Randy Dye at the rally and he came over and talked to me.

I am proud of Randy. He is an honest, hard working, patriotic American who loves his family, community, and country dearly.

He had never really been involved in politics before until the Chatham County Commission passed their illegal alien sanctuary resolution a few years ago.

Since then, Randy Dye has turned into the kind of Conservative Super Hero that we despeartely need. Randy films everything and his video footage of illegal aliens and leftist activists doing dumb and destructive things have been shown all across America.

Randy Dye blogs and even had an online radio show for awhile. His work was essential to the defeat of the illegal alien invasion supporters in Chatham County and he stands as a testament to the power of any American man or woman who decides to really stand up and speak out!

I honestly wish we could clone Randy Dye and have one of him in each of the 100 counties of North Carolina, because if we did, this horrible liberal community and nation destroying agenda would come to a halt and be in full reversal within a few short years.

Since we can’t clone Randy Dye… yet, I hope that other North Carolinians and Americans in each state will heed his example.

Each one of you has the power to overthrow corrupt politicians and illegal alien invasion supporters if you will just do three important things.

One, fear no slander or foul words from your opponents. They will call you a racist, a Nazi, and will try to stir minorities up to commit violence against you or your family if you oppose them. Accept that and make it clear that their word games and smears will not deter you and that you are immune to their menacing behavior. You must free yourselves from the shackles of their political correctness totalitarian controls. Sure, you need to watch your personal security and keep your guard up, but let their words be powerless against you and your efforts.

Two, put your full faith in God as you proceed, and pray to be on the path he has set for you. For if you move and take actions that are within God’s plan for this nation, then you will be as David was when he stepped on to the battlefield against Goliath. If Randy Dye can defeat local political Goliaths then so can you.

Three, envision the bitter future for your friends, family, and loved ones should we fail to turn back these traitors and their invading army of illegal alien voters. Let nothing stop you or deter you. Get your own blog, it’s cheap and easy. Get a video camera, be your own Andrew Breitbart! Fight these liberals and illegal alien supporters with every intention of defending your homes and your homeland. Be confident and be determined and even if you make mistakes as you learn the ropes, trials will make you stronger and mistakes will drive you to grow and do better.

At a Tea Party rally a year ago, Randy Dye poured some bottled water on a plastic mask of Dictator Barack Obama. The event organizer was very upset and the footage ran on ABC news as an example of how wild and crazy these Tea Parties had become.

I want to say on the record that I thought Randy Dye’s expression of his contempt for that elected dictator in the White House with the forged birth certificate was completely appropriate.

Sometimes people who are activists must do or say exciting things to get the very biased media to even notice, but each day, more and more Americans are seeing through that biased machinery that appears to be loyal to powers that are not the citizens of America.

Randy Dye, you rock buddy! You have made a lot of sacrifices of time, money, and health to fight for what is right. I appreciate all of your hard work and your determination. You are a great fighter for America and I hope that more people will follow your leadership by example.

I dedicate the first blog on my new Bill’s Blog website to you and all of the other conservative activists like you in America who are fighting hard to save America.

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