William Gheen vs. Bill Gheen

I was born as William Gheen III on Election Day 1968; the day that Richard Nixon was elected president in what was one of the most tumultuous years in American politics!

William Bill Gheen of ALIPAC

William Gheen President of ALIPAC Leads Protest in North Carolina

The number one song at the time was ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles and 1968 was the year that Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were both assassinated. Riots and arson were the order of the day as America was further shocked by the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam.

My father was William Gheen Jr. and my grandfather who passed in 1983 was William P. Gheen Sr. Grandpa went by the name of Bill Gheen and my father went by the name of Will Gheen. I went by Bill Gheen as a child and young adult and with a stepmother named Billie Gheen I can recall confused looks at the doctor’s office as they tried to get all of our medical files sorted out during an appointment.

So far, I’ve been able to trace my American lineage all the way back to Thomas James Gheen born in Philadelphia in 1716.

While there has been much debate about the origins of the surname Gheen, I’ve always been told by my grandmother and family historian Elva Gheen that we are the descendants of Dutch sailors of which 3 brothers came to the US sometime back in the 1600s.

However, when I had my DNA checked for information about my lineage my results for William Gheen‘s heritage showed me at 69% from Great Brittain, 10% from Scandinavia, 9% from Ireland, 2% from western Europe, 2% from the Iberian Peninsula, 1% from Italy/Greece, and 1% from Finland/North West Russia.

I am also a descendant of the famous cabinet maker and woodworker James Gheen of Pennsylvania. Of course the Dutch and Germans love Pennsylvania and many settled there, however My great great grandfather came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania to work as a carpenter on the construction of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

When I decided to set out on a quest to stop and reverse illegal immigration in America and founded the organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or ALIPAC on 9/11 of 2004, I decided to proceed under my formal name William Gheen instead of my familiar name Bill.

I did this for several reasons. First, I wanted a degree of separation between those who know me through my professional work and those who know me on a personal level. Thus, William Gheen for those I know through my national media appearances and organizational work and Bill Gheen for my close friends and family.

Secondly, I have come to learn that there are many negative stereotypes which have been perpetrated against southerners, especially southern white males. I can freely turn my southern accent on or off for public speaking and talk radio interviews, but when I have spoken with my southern vernacular I’ve found acceptance in the South and Midwest, but not so much in the North Eastern United States.

It is far more difficult for people to pronounce William Gheen with a southern flare or southern accent exaggeration than it is for them to pronounce the name Bill Gheen. Yes, it is possible to say Bill with more than one syllable as ‘Beeall’.

The only people in the media to try and call me Bill Gheen have been some of the major daily newspapers in North Carolina which are all run by liberal illegal alien Amnesty supporters. Some of these papers, specifically the Raleigh News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer have violated numerous journalistic ethics in an attempt to be abusive towards me. They want to call me Bill Gheen, to speak as if they have some personal familiarity with me. I put a stop to that. They are not my friends or family members, they are not my political allies, they are usually my political opponents, and they can address me as William Gheen.

After almost 8 years of fighting illegal immigration and appearing in the media across the nation and around the globe, the name William Gheen currently returns over 107,000 results of which over 90% relate to me.

When I was young, I remember that whenever an adult called you down using your full name, including your middle name, it meant you were in trouble for something.

While I have done all to act with honor and make the most ethical choices possible, there are million dollar organizations out there supporting the illegal immigrant invasion of America and doing all they can to besmirch my good name. Over 80% of Americans approve of what I’m going to fight against illegal immigration and to proclaim the truth of American self-governance. The illegal alien supporters on the other hand must rely on biased accounts, defamation, and outright lies to try to silence me.

Many hope that one day after I am gone they can write my epitaph “William Gheen was a horrible hate filled abuser of brown skinned people,” when in truth, I have only asked for fair and adequate enforcement of America’s existing immigration laws.

If we lose the battle to stop this invasion of America, then the name of William Gheen may go down in the history books as a scoundrel.

If Americans win this battle against illegal immigration, the Chinese, Saudis, Mexicans, the evil billionaires like George Soros, and the globalists trying to destroy this nation then perhaps future generations will read more accurate accounts of who William Gheen was and what I truly stood for in defense of our nation, sovereignty, and the Constitution.

Wiliam Gheen
American Patriot and President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

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