Tribute To Rush Limbaugh by William Gheen of ALIPAC

Rush Limbaugh Talk Radio Show Host

July 26, 2012

by William Gheen
President of ALIPAC

I do not have the time to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s live show very often, but I have it on in the car when possible. Some of his most important broadcasts are sent to me by e-mail or circulated online so I still keep up with Rush Limbaugh very well.

Most of Rush Limbaugh‘s callers give him a quick salute and some praise him when they first get on the show. Not only is this praise clearly genuine admiration, but it is also needed by a man who has been the favorite punching bag of the political left for almost 20 years now.

My praise for Rush Limbaugh is a little different and something that I have been meaning to say in public for quite some time now.

And Rush Limbaugh is like many of us that needs as much positive content added to the web associated with our names as possible due to the George Soros funded blogs attacking us all the time.

You see, when I was a younger man, I was very liberal thanks to my intensive indoctrination by popular culture, the public school system, and a specialized summer program for high IQ kids when I was only in the 6th grade. There I was taught to love animals and plants and to hate Christian Republicans.

Looking back, I’ve done my best to remember as much of what happened to me as possible. I was a highly educated yet disinformed young man. My adult review of my political shaping as a child has me convinced that what was done to my mind was intentional, invasive, and highly destructive, almost on par with child molestation. While I was not physically abused, when liberals got me away from my family members, they worked on my mind to get my thinking right with their agenda. That agenda almost derailed my life and brought me to a bad end.

I feel so much better now and so much more confident in what I am doing each day now that I no longer have that little voice that used to tell me something was very wrong with my views I had when I was a young cliche liberal!

When I was first exposed to Rush Limbaugh in the 90’s, I hated him and called him a Nazi. I treated him with the same cookie cutter knee jerk liberalism we see across America today. My mind was trained to dehumanize Rush Limbaugh as an evil white male responsible for the ills of the nation and world. Rush Limbaugh was not someone to be listened to, understood, or given any common courtesy or respect. He was a living monster who would abuse women, enslave blacks, and mass murder Indians and Jews, if given a chance. I thought someone ought to take an axe and…. Well, you get the point.

I even had a catchy joke I would tell at parties about a comparison between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg!

I felt so confident and self-righteous in my disdain for Rush Limbaugh. I believed that my view was the enlightened view.

Now that I have been able to break from and discard my liberal conditioning, thanks be to the Lord and to a lot of hard run-ins with reality, and after eight years of leading one of America’s largest national organizations fighting illegal immigration, I see Rush Limbaugh and my younger self in a whole new light.

I see the truth, for there is such a thing as truth, and my younger years were unfortunately spent animated and controlled by an evil political brainwashing that sought to turn children against those who raised and nurtured them since birth. It is a brainwashing that has roots in modern communism. It seeks to set a young, bright mind on a path that will likely increase the chances that the person will act as an agent of their own self-destruction, their own nation’s destruction, and the end of their lineage due to their failure to reproduce. So many of the most intelligent people I know have failed to reach a stability point because of the chaos and toxic culture created by liberalism. They then become the latest casualties of the extinction birth rate trajectory that most Americans are part of today.

Today, I want to express my personal thanks to Rush Limbaugh. I believe he is an intelligent, honest, and courageous man who is constantly menaced by the same little monsters like I once used to be.

I will say, as everyone does when talking about Rush, that I don’t always agree with everything he says.

Yet, I have seen Rush Limbaugh lead on issues like illegal immigration and opposing the nomination of the racist Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court, when other less genuine “conservatives” remained silent! Rush Limbaugh is much more in sync with the true conservative base of America. If he were ever to get out of line with true American conservatives, his fall would be both rapid and assured. If Rush gets off the path with his base, the push back online and by phone would be almost instantaneous!

I applaud Rush Limbaugh for leading on the true conservative issues. The more I listen to him, the more I love his work!

I also applaud Rush Limbaugh for withstanding all of the intense criticism, lies, dehumanizing defamation, and violent threats he has tolerated and overcome like a gentleman all these years. He has been a top target of a political left that cares little for any boundaries, be they sexual, moral, national, or political. He has taken more heat and fire from them than any other American and he is still standing.

Critics recently thought they had Rush Limbaugh cornered in a “gotcha” moment over his comments about some woman being a “slut.” They thought they had their “Don Imus Moment” and threw everything they had at him, trying to take him down like Glenn Beck. In the end, Rush Limbaugh is still standing! So I applaud Rush Limbaugh’s fortitude, longevity, and stamina!

In closing, I want to thank Rush Limbaugh for being so intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate. He is more of a statesman than most of our elected officials today!

Finally, I am expressing a much overdue apology and a thank you to Rush Limbaugh. I am inspired by Rush’s response to the Aurora, Colorado, Dark Knight theater massacre. This terrible tragedy, of course, set off the usual chorus of calls victimizing the over 80 million lawful gun owners who have been abiding by the protections granted by our US Constitution.

These calls to disarm America’s law abiding citizens follow every crime involving guns and those of us who know how the anti-American media works these days, hold our breath whenever there is such a tragedy. We have to hold our breath because if the shooter is black or Hispanic the story will go away quickly. If the shooter is a white male then we will have to endure weeks or months of calls for gun controls and stories about the evil actions of white males. That’s not me just trying to be racially charged, but it is my honest assessment of how the “Drive By” media operates in America.

Immediately after the Aurora Dark Knight shootings, ABC News broadcast false information claiming the shooter was affiliated with the Tea Party. Homeland Security claimed that Loughner was a Tea Party supporter who was angry at Congresswoman Giffords because she was Jewish and because of my main issue, illegal immigration. DHS tried to claim the mass murder occurred because Loughner was an activist fighting illegal immigration, just like me and millions of wise Americans!

It turned out that none of this was true and Jared Lee Loughner was really much more of a leftist. Many people only hear the original smear when it is released during the same time the story is receiving mass attention from the public, but the “correction” of the story is never heard. By the time the correction comes out, the “drive by” media has moved on to the next repetitive propaganda story demonizing heartland American conservatives as evil, racist, gun toting, mass murdering, KKK and neoNazi types.

The truth of the matter is that the lawful gun owning conservative Tea Party supporters represent the lowest crime committing demographics in America. By the numbers, if you are standing in a large crowd of thousands of Tea Party folks, you are one of the safest people in America. Your chances of being a victim of a crime are the lowest they possibly can be in crime ridden America.

The intentional, powerful, defamatory propaganda aimed at the Tea Party has exacted a toll on public popularity. This is highly ironic considering the demonizing effort is aimed at the most Christian and law abiding, rule respecting group of people in America today. It is both the height of hypocrisy and true evil at work.

Rush Limbaugh bravely waded in where many angels would fear to tread and grabbed the serpent by the neck once again!

I am attaching a link to his historic broadcast at the end of this segment. If you only listen to Rush Limbaugh once in your life, then give this a spin. If you are like me and you have been exposed to negative propaganda about Rush or reacted with knee jerk liberalism to discount anything Rush says, then before you even expend a calorie thinking about it, try a different approach.

Rush’s most sagacious observation can be found in this broadcast titled, “Politically Ill Leftists Exploit an Unspeakable Human Tragedy” where Limbaugh accurately states on July 23, 2012:

“What about the messages in the movies…? What about the messages in the comic books…? What about being interested in Fast and Furious…?

That’s where you’re supposed to be looking. It’s transparent, and it is pathetic, and these are the people who try to politicize everything. Question: Do they really believe it, or are they just hoping it? It’s actually a combination of the two. They would love nothing more. “The problem is, at the end of every one of these events or episodes, it still looks like the bad guys in question have a closer association with the pop culture of the left than they do with anything to be found in conservative media.”

Listen to the entire broadcast segment here…
Rush Limbaugh Broadcast

Rush: Media Desperately Trying To Tie Batman Shooting To Conservatives (CLICK HERE)

Please give great consideration to listening to this whole broadcast because I believe this is one of the most brilliant articulations I’ve ever heard. I have been blessed with tens of thousands of national supporters who agree with me on the need for secure borders and immigration enforcement. While I do not expect everyone to be a Rush Limbaugh fan, I want Rush to hear my apology for the past, praise for his current efforts, and hopes for the future. A future in which conservative Americans can be returned to power in this nation and the illegal alien invasion of our homeland can be repelled, all before a new voting bloc of illegals permanently and politically destroys the center right of America.

Now, if we can just convince Rush Limbaugh to use his wealth, influence, and talents to raise up more voices and leaders like himself. Can we get Rush Limbaugh to buy CNN or finance some new talk radio startups to create a Rush Limbaugh political army? We can only hope. Thank you Rush Limbaugh and bravo! We need more Americans listening, understanding, and emulating you.


William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

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