William Gheen: The Strength to Let Go

One of the things I have learned over the years, through many painful lessons in life, is that many times it takes more strength and courage to let go of something or someone than it does to hold on.

With the amount of interpersonal relationship chaos to be found in the glow of a dying and imploding empire, my heart has often felt like a hotel parking lot!

So many additional emotional perils exist in an instant gratification disposable society where too many people have abandoned God and now treat other people like they treat their products.

Time and time again, I’ve watched people close to me turn triumph into failure and creation into destruction due to their inability to place love and loyalty ahead of their most recent impulses.  Impulse control is something that is less prevalent in America as our traditional values and ethics become submerged by multiculturalism, liberalism, and product mass marketing aimed at children all of which teach and condition our citizens not to resist impulses.

Those that sell us soft drinks and foods loaded with lethal amounts of fats and sugars do not want Americans to ‘discriminate’ between healthy and unhealthy foods or between shit and Shinola!  Multiculturalists do not want us to discriminate between Christianity and the authoritarian doctrines of Islam nor between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.  Liberals do not want us to consider differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals, nor between the disparity of crime trends between blacks, whites, Asians, and Hispanics.

They all strive to indoctrinate Americans to not make decisions for themselves and not to practice impulse control or resistance to differences between people, cultures, and politics.

Now, our movies and commercials and music are all steeped in the same toxic political dogma and the impact on people may not be overt, but is certainly powerful.

William Gheen


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