William Gheen fights to stop DACA Amnesty under Trump

William Gheen can be heard in this past broadcast and video fighting against Alan Colmes, Barack Obama, and illegal immigration on national Fox News radio. (View / Listen)

But more recently you can read what William Gheen has to say against DACA Amnesty in Lifezette (Here) and William Gheen’s comments in World Net Daily (Here) in March of 2017.

Bill Gheen has launched a new outreach program to organize Americans that are willing to fight for America’s Constitution and existing immigration laws even if it means taking on Donald Trump.

William Gheen, founder of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said Trump is undermining his message to sanctuary jurisdictions by failing to honor his campaign promise to revoke his predecessor’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program granting work permits to illegal immigrants brought to America as children. His group has pledged to rescind its endorsement of Trump if the president does not revoke the program by April 17.

“Right now, a lot of illegal immigrants do not believe they are gong to have to leave the country,” Gheen said. “As long as DACA’s there, it sends a mixed message.”

“We don’t just have amnesty cities. Now we have an amnesty nation. And the amnesty orders are no longer Barack Obama’s amnesty orders; they’re Donald Trump’s amnesty orders,” William Gheen said.

William Gheen plans to launch a new wave of talk radio show appearances across America to rally and organize Americans against illegal immigration and amnesty.

These new battles present themselves in 2017 as the dynamics in Washington have changed with Obama’s departure and the rise of Donald Trump’s form of populism.

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