William Gheen’s launching a new illegal immigration and illegal immigrants issue website

Illegal immigration fighting friends,

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a premium new domain to use in the fight against illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and any form of amnesty for illegals.

The new site is now under construction at http://www.illegalimmigration.com

It will eventually allow you to add comments and content to the site and be accessed by a lot of people.

Right now, we need your help to get our new site off the ground and you can help by forwarding this message and posting this message with active links across the web.

Please place an active link to www.illegalimmigration.com on any website or blog you control.

If you do not control any websites to help us build links, please post links to http://www.illegalimmigration.com on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or you can post links back to www.illegalimmigration.com in comments you make on forums or beneath news articles.

Each link out on the web pointing back at our new site will help us to rise on the search engines and inform more people about the news, facts, activism, report procedures, and problems associated with illegal immigration and illegal immigrants.

The new Illegal Immigration website will also contain information about Obama and illegal immigration, immigration reform, legal immigration, illegal immigration news, the Dream Act amnesty, driver licenses for illegal immigrants, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and much more!

If everyone reading this request by email and social media, or at www.ALIPAC.us will take a few minutes to post at least one, hopefully more, links on the web to www.illegalimmigration.com you can help us get our new website tool to fight against illegal immigration off to a strong start!

Thank you for the help!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team